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Audio Visual Policies

AV Rental Policy

Below you’ll find information regarding your order, pricing, payment, and delivery / will call

Rates and Periods

Our Audio Visual equipment prices are based on one day of use. For longer rental periods, please call our offices for a pro-rated bid. Equipment may be picked up the day of or one day prior to the event, and returned the morning after during normal business hours (excluding Sundays and holidays). Our regular delivery fees and technician rates are for our regular business hours and other fees of rates may apply for late, early, or Sunday and holiday services. Please call to verify service rates for your event.

Reservations and Cancellations

Please call in advance to guarantee availability. Some rentals require a deposit to reserve. Please give at least 24 hours notice of cancellations to avoid fees. Cancellation fee shall be 20% of the rental or $25 minimum. Deliveries cancelled while en-route, and some full service or labor-intensive orders may be subject to additional fees or entire rental cost. Alternate policies may apply to outdoor events that have the risk of cancellation due to in inclement weather. Please call for more details.

Security and Payments

All rentals must be secured with a credit card unless on billable account. Peter Corvallis Productions gladly accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards. Payment is required at time of pick up or delivery. Rental customers will be required to provide a valid drivers license with verifiable address. Any applicable state fees and taxes will apply. Invoices of account holders are due and payable in full within 30 days after the close of rental period.
Download Credit Card Authorization form

Delivery and Pickup Service

Equipment is guaranteed to be operable upon delivery and technical support is available for rental customers 24/7. Should a problem occur, the customer is responsible for reporting it to us immediately. We may not credit the charges for problems reported after the rental period is over.

Loss and Liability

Customer assumes all responsibility for rented equipment from time of pickup to return and is expected to return equipment in the same condition in which it was received. Items returned scratched, dented or dirty may be subject to cleaning fees regardless of working condition. Failure of equipment to perform due to adverse conditions, improper set up or improper usage does not release customer from rental charges.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions are stated in full on the rental contract. The customer, or his/her designated signatory is responsible for reviewing to these terms prior to rental. A signature acknowledges compliance and agreement and shall include any amendments to each contract.