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Rental FAQs


Here you’ll find frequently asked questions and steps in the process. Why wait for a response when almost every question is solved below? If you still have inquires however, feel free to email and a sales representative will contact you within twenty-four hours.

Getting Started

Do you have a catalog?

Our website acts as our online catalogue. Please email with any questions specific to a product or service.

If I call over for pricing and need a quote, when can I expect to receive it?

We do our best to get quotes out in a timely manner (24 hours), but sometimes it may take multiple departments to successfully provide pricing. Your Event Rental Consultant will usually be able to let you know when this is the case.

Can I come in just to view the prop warehouse?

Yes, but if you would like assistance or an appointment, we do ask for a courtesy call to ensure a Rental Consultant is available. Otherwise you’re free to roam on your own. You are also allowed to take photos; we find this helps many of our clients.

What if I just want to rent one item, such as a linen or prop?

We welcome it. One of the great things about our business is there are no minimum or maximum orders.

Rental Policies

How long are your rental rates?

In exception to a few rental items, most of our equipment is priced at a 1-3 day rate. For example, if your special event is taking place on a Wednesday, we could deliver Tuesday and pickup on Thursday. For weekend deliveries and will calls, we allow you to have possession of your rentals on Friday and pickup/return on Monday as our office is closed on Sundays.

What if I need the rentals longer?

Long-term rates can be provided by your Rental Consultant.

Do you require a deposit?

We ask for a 25% non-refundable deposit to secure your order and credit card on file, especially when reserving canopies. All orders are required to be paid in full prior to date of delivery or on date of will call. Account holders are granted a schedule of NET 30.

What’s the preferred method of payment?

You are welcome to pay by check or cash, but we find it’s easiest for most clients to put a credit card on file. We will not run the card prior to your event without your permission.

How late can I change / cancel my order?

You should consult with your Event Rental Consultant regarding how late you can revise your order as it varies based on the items. Some items also require a re-stocking fee when canceled.

What if I damage or misplace some of my rentals?

You will receive an invoice for replacement fees for any items damaged or broken. Please be sure that equipment is secure from theft and protected from weather. For heavily soiled linens, you may be charged an extra cleaning fee.

What if I do not use some of my rentals?

No credits are given for unused rental items. This includes items that are still wrapped or in the bag.

Delivery & Pickup

Do you deliver? Can I pickup my order?

We are happy to deliver. Rates are based on geologic location. Additional charges will occur for orders that are not on street level, loading/unloading distance, specific delivery/pickup times, and after-­hours delivery and pickup. Many of our products are items that can be will called from our warehouse location.

How do I help make my delivery/pickup a success?

1) Give us a window of time for delivery and pickup. We love flexible hours for delivery. It helps successfully put our schedule together and account for any traffic or delays that may occur. We welcome our clients to call the office the day of delivery to get a closer guess to what time the crew may arrive. Exact time deliveries and pickups will incur additional fees.
2) Prepare your space. If you intend to have a freshly watered and/or mowed lawn, do it a day or two before. Move all cars completely clear of the space. If the space is not prepared properly, additional fees will incur.
3) Ensure your Rental Consultant knows of all utilities (sprinkler systems or other underground pipes, phone or gas lines, etc) with as much notice as possible prior to the event. The client assumes all responsibility for damage in absence of notice.
4) Have someone scheduled to meet with the crew at the scheduled time of delivery and pickup. We require someone present to sign for the items. If you’d like to provide a phone number, we can have our crew call when they are close.
5) Let us know if we need a code to get through a gate.
6) BONUS POINTS: Our crew loves to have pictures of the site prior to arriving on site. You can email these to your Rental Consultant and they’ll attach it to the driver’s paperwork.

Does delivery include setup/breakdown?

Setup and teardown services are available for an additional fee on most items. Arrangements for this must be made in advance. Some rental items already include this fee; please check with your Event Rental Consultant to know which items include labor.

What if I decide last minute to add labor?

If setup or teardown is requested on site, the driver must contact the Event Rental Consultant for availability and rates. Time permitting, we will do everything we can to service you.


What kind of canopies do you own?

We carry various different sizes in solid, clear and high top. We also have hoeckers, which require a more elaborate planning process. We recommend speaking to an Event Rental Consultant if you have questions about what would be best fit.

How do I know what size canopy I need?

Our staff is very knowledgeable of what can fit under a tent. We can make recommendations and even put together a room diagram. It will vary based on your special event.

How do I reserve a canopy?

Please call and talk to a Rental Consultant to reserve a canopy for your event. You will need to provide a final count 10 days prior to the event. A 25% non-refundable deposit is required to secure your reservation as well as a signed contract. Orders are considered complete 2 business days prior to scheduled delivery. A surcharge may be added to your account each time a completed order is changed. Final payment is due upon the date of delivery.

What do I need to do to prepare for a canopy?

Make sure your site is ready before the crew arrives. This includes lawns mowed, vehicles out of the way, etc. Please let us know of any utilities that may be problematic to setting a canopy up (phone or gas lines, septic systems, etc). In the absence of notice, the client is to assume responsibility for all damage. Additional fees will occur if the site is not properly prepared upon scheduled delivery/pickup time.

How are the canopies secured down?

We REALLY prefer canopies be staked into the ground. We even have asphalt to fill in if your event is in a parking lot. In the cases where we cannot stake, we do have options to weigh down smaller canopies with weights.

How protective is a tent against weather?

The tricky thing about a canopy is that it’s actually not guaranteed to be protective against any weather. They are designed to provide limited protection from minor conditions such as sun and rain. However they are not designed for strong winds, lightning, etc. The tent may then be at risk for becoming damaged or blown over. Peter Corvallis Productions reserves the right to dismantle or cancel equipment if these weather conditions arise.

Linens & Dishware

Do I need to order a full rack of glassware if I’m ordering glasses?

No, we charge per glass rather than per rack.

What if some of my items are damaged or missing from my delivery?

Those items that are damaged or missing must be reported immediately. It is your responsibility to inspect rental items upon receiving. All items are assumed suitable for your needs unless reported before your event.

Do I need to wash my linens or dishes before I return them?

No, but we do ask that all dishes and food service items be clear of food debris upon return. Linens must also be dry and free of food burns, wax or other debris/damage. Please return dishes to their racks and linens in the bag provided.

Emergency / After Hours

Do you have an after hours line?

Yes, we provide an after hours phone number for your event emergencies. Please call the main office number and follow the prompts: 503.222.1664


Do you charge tax?

If we physically need to cross the state border to complete business then yes we do charge taxes based on the city/county. If you will call your order from our warehouse, then no we will not charge taxes. So even if your business’ billing address might be Oregon, if your event is in Washington and we deliver, then there will be taxes.